Monday, February 20, 2012

5 months old!

Our baby girl is 5 months old! I still can't believe how quickly time has gone by and that we have a 5 month old. Sophia is still such a good baby and we just love her so much!

  • This month Sophia weighs 15 pounds. Big girl! :)
  • She has always loved her baths but has started splashing nonstop and going crazy the whole time. She just loves water and we think she will love the pool this summer.
  •  She is a very happy girl and has started screaming and squealing when she is excited.  She loves to stare at us and Abby and smile and laugh at us.
  • She is still sleeping really well at night, from about 9pm-9am.  But she has recently started taking naps in her crib.  They range from about 40 minutes and the longest one was over 2 1/2 hours!!  We are just happy that she is getting more sleep during the day.
  • She eats about 5 times a day.  We tried cereal this last week and she despised every bite of it.  Instead of continuing to force feed her I'm going to wait another week and see if she changes her mind.  Or try something else?  We'll see.
  • She is rolling over again.  Still not all the time, but its getting more often.
  • She is wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothes. 
  • She started a new day care this month and has adjusted really well.  It has been way harder on mommy than on Sophia, but we are all doing good now. :) 

We had an extra someone out with us on our Valentine's dinner this year :)

Hanging out with daddy in her cozy outfit.

Please don't put that stuff in my mouth!!

Oh my, that was horrible!! 

Mommy, this robe is too small :)

On our way to dinner

Watching the Superbowl with Daddy!

Sophia and Nick are getting to know each other at the Super Bowl party.

Having fun with Emily, Emerson, and Baby Cameron!!

Crazy hair day :)

I am so happy to be 5 months old!!