Tuesday, January 24, 2012

4 Months Old

Our sweet Sophia turned 4 months old on January 19th! Sophia's biggest personality trait so far is that she is a happy girl that loves to smile and laugh! She still rarely cries unless something is very wrong and we are crossing our fingers that this continues. She had her 4 month appt on the 18th and she was 24 1/2 inches long (50-75%), 13 pounds 9 ounces (50%) and head 15 1/2 cm (10-15%). She got 2 more shots and she did much better this time, just cried for a few seconds.

•This month Sophia went to sleep around 8:30 or 9 and woke up around 6 to eat again, then back to sleep until 9ish. The first 2 weeks of the month she was waking up at 2 or 3 to eat, and then she stopped doing that again. I guess it is just phases of her growing or something?
•She still eats 6 times a day and still just milk. We haven't introduced solids yet.
•If you remember her 3 month post, she was rolling over pretty good, well she stopped. She has a lot of tummy time but only rolls over every once in a while. I guess it is not that interesting :) We are working on it!
•She loves her hands and just started noticing her feet - it's so cute!
•She sleeps with a half swaddle, her arms are free. We are going to start using a sleepsack and see if that works so she doesn't uncover herself at night
•Is all about sticking toys in her mouth!
•If you want her to smile just put her in front of a mirror, works every time!
Okay, here are some pictures of our 4 month old!

She has been having a lot more fun in her exersaucer lately!

Doing some tummy time. The doctor said she is supposed to do this as much as possible during the day but at least 30 min, so we do our best :) We of course need to break it up into smaller sessions.

Our little cupcake relaxing in her swing.

I am 4 months old!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vegas Baby!

We were lucky enough to go to Vegas Dec 26-29 this year because my parents were able to stay and watch Sophia after Christmas. Neither Jeramy or I had been so we were excited to see what it was all about and to have a little time together. I missed Sophia so much, but my parents were good about sending pictures every day, so that helped. We had a wonderful time! We ate a lot of good food, saw 2 really good shows including the Michael Jackson Cirque show, walked around and saw most of the hotels, and did some gambling. There is so much to do.

Our first stop was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Bellagio Fountains - one of coolest things since we love fountains and waterfalls :)

One of our only pics together!

I wanted a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. We stayed at The Paris which was really nice and even greater location...in the middle of everything.

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity - YUM!

BLT Bloody Mary at Hash House a Go Go - the drink was too strong for me, but the food here was amazing!!! One of our favorite places.

Horrible picture of me, but this just tells you how tired I was after we got back from Vegas :) It was worth it though. We had so much fun! Even though we lost money...

Pons Family Christmas

On Christmas Eve my parents and my brother made their way to Frisco! My brother hasn't been here for a few years so it was so great that he could come and especially meet Sophia and Juliana for the first time. On Christmas Eve we all just hung out and relaxed. On Christmas Day Sandy, Warren, Conor and Juliana also came over, and that's when we celebrated. We had Christmas Dinner and a lot of good food all day, and had fun opening presents. And of course just being together :)

Sophia all dressed up in her Christmas dress!

Me and my sweet baby girl :)

Sophia loved meeting her Uncle Bobby!

3 Generations

Our family of 3 :)

Guess who filled the stockings this year! I appreciate all those years my mom has done this :)

Nana, Pops and Sophia

Nana with Sophia and Juliana, only 2 months apart :)

And here they are with all 3 grand kids. What a difference a year makes!!

Aunt Sandy with Sophia and her fun hat :)

Conor loves to hug her!

Precious baby with her new shoes! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and I know Sophia had a perfect first Christmas! We are so thankful for all of our family and friends and are looking forward to the next year.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leonard Family Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas on December 23rd with the Leonard family. Jeramy's parents drove up from Austin that morning and got here around noon. We were so happy to not have to travel this year, and so thankful to them for driving to Dallas! :) We ate a lot of good food, relaxed and played some games, and opened gifts!

Sophia with Grandma!

Our stockings this year - notice Abby has one too :)

She loves her Grandma and Grandpa!!

Sophia with her "Baby's 1st Christmas" carousel ornament. So beautiful! She loves her hands these days.

Her first baby doll, so precious!

Why Daughters Always Need Their Fathers :)

Mark got a drill of some kind...

But Sophia's gifts are so much more fun to open!!

Thank you for making this Christmas so special! We are all so blessed.

First Christmas!!

Sophia had a wonderful first Christmas filled with lots of family and friends! I am behind in posting but I'm still going to split it up into a few posts. First was the Christmas party that her nanny Sandra had for her and her friends on their last day before Christmas break. We all had so much fun!

Sophia and her wonderful nanny, Sandra!

Conor and Luke so excited to open presents :)

Me and my baby!

Zach and Lily dancing to Christmas songs! :)

The party wore Sophia out...

It also wore out cousin Juliana :)

But she woke up to play with daddy!

And to play with Conor!

Christmas brings out the crazy in these boys!! :)