Thursday, May 24, 2012

8 months

Our sweet Sophia is 8 months old!  As usual, time is going by so quickly and I can't believe she is 8 months.  We don't have an appt this month so I don't know her height or weight.  I feel like she has gotten pretty heavy, although I think she is one of the lighter babies in her class.  A lot has happened this month!

  • She became an army crawler around the middle of this month and has gotten really fast.  She gets up on all fours like she wants to crawl on hands and knees, but doesn't really do that yet.
  • She can now sit up from the crawling position.
  • Eats 5 bottles a day and 3 solids (babyfood) meals a day.  We introduced puffs on her 8 month birthday and she wasn't too sure.  We are going to try to slowly start with more solids this month.
  • Still only has her 2 bottom teeth, but the top 2 have almost broken through...any day now!
  • She is very vocal.  Says mamamam and bababaa and I think she tries to say Abbababa (to Abby) but she is probably just yelling :)
  • Wears size 3 diapers and size 9 month and some 12 month clothes.
  • Great night sleeper!  Sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes 2-3 naps a day as well. 
  • I know she started this a few months ago, but I've never mentioned it...she laughs out loud at Abby, or one of us if we are doing something random and it is the cutest thing ever.  I just love her laugh!
  • Also, she is so ticklish, just like her momma.  If you tickle her too much she will get annoyed and try to push you away (just like her momma).
Also new this month, Sophia is so squirmy it has become almost impossible to change her diaper unless she is really tired!  I know this will not get easier though.  She also loves bathtime so much that unless she is sitting down splashing the water, she is trying to roll over to reach the water.  So, I can no longer lay her on her back in the tub. 

Here are a few pictures from this month!

Playing with cousin Jules!
Before her peas.
And after!
First time in a buggy...she loved looking around.

Concentrating :)
 We love you so much Sophia!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First swimming experience!

Last weekend was warm enough to use the pool so we decided to take advantage! After feeding, changing, applying sunscreen, taking naps, changing again, etc, the babies were finally ready to go swimming! They loved it!  And don't they look just adorable in their swimsuits? :) 

Conor loves his sister and his cousin!

Sophia loved the water!  Notice that she is splashing away.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day

This being my first Mother's Day I feel so thankful and beyond blessed to be the mother of Sophia.  She is such a wonderful baby, she means everything to our family, and I am so lucky to be her mom.  I love you so much Sophia!! 


My wonderful parents and the wonderful Leonard's were nice enough to take care of Sophia and Abby for 5 days so that Jeramy and I could take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas at the end of April!  We had such a fabulous time and are so thankful that our parents were willing to help us out.  We did miss our baby though (you too Abby!).  We did a lot of relaxing and came back very rested.  Here are a few pics of our time in Cabo.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Seven Months!

Our sweet Sophia turned 7 months April 19th! She continues to be the sweetest baby ever and we are just in love. This picture was taken while she was sick, poor thing, so she is not her usual super smiley self...but she is trying :) I am so late with posting but am going to try to catch up over the next week since she is about to turn 8 months!!  At 7 months:

  • Sophia weighs 17 pounds
  • She just started wearing size 3 diapers and wears size 6 month and size 9 month clothes
  • She still eats 5 bottles a day and 1 food meal a day - about to move her up to 2  :)  We haven't tried table food yet but might start that next month.
  • She is a good sitter and now also a good scooter.  She can move pretty fast and is getting very close to crawling.
  • She has gotten more vocal and loves to hear herself "talk" and scream
  • Still a great sleeper at night and taking 2-3 naps per day
  • Absolutely loves Abby (our dog)!  Always reaching out to grab her and pet her and when Jeramy plays fetch with Abby, Sophia thinks it's so funny and just cracks up laughing.  And of course, Abby loves Sophia too :)
  • Loves going on evening walks with mommy, daddy and Abby