Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nine Months!

Sophia is 9 months old!  Sophia is a busy girl these days.  She is always crawling somewhere or pulling up on something or running around in her walker.  She loves to be moving around!   Her doctor appt was this past Thursday and she weighs 18 pounds (25-50%), is 26 3/4" tall (25-50%) and HC of 17 1/4" (25-50%). So basically we have a petite baby girl! :)  This month:
  • She started "really" crawling this month.  Last month she was doing the army crawl and now her belly is off the ground when she crawls.
  • Like I said she is pulling up on everything she can. Her balance is getting much better and she can stand holding on with one hand. 
  • Extremely talkative pretty much all the time.  Says mama dada and baba.
  • Her top 2 teeth came in at the beginning of this month (this makes 4!)  And she is about to cut 2 more teeth at top...poor baby!
  • Still on 5 bottles a day and 3 solids a day.  She has tried puffs, mac n cheese, some veggies and fruit, refried beans and mashed potatoes.  We mainly feed her baby food though.
  • Can hold her bottle all by herself now.
  • Still sleeping well at night and taking 2-3 naps per day.  (although the teething is affecting this slightly)
  • Still in 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • Got her first haircut this month!  She had some long hair in the front that was always in her face and longer than the rest of her hair, so mommy reluctantly gave her a little haircut.  It turned out pretty good though. :)
  • Starting to really like her books, especially the ones with music!
  • Now that it's summertime she has gotten to swim a few times and loves it.  Sophia is such a water baby!  Whether its bath time or the swimming pool, water makes her so happy.
Sophia's cousin Regan loves taking care of her...she is such a good mommy.

With cousins Connor, Regan and Riley.
Showing off her standing skills!
Relaxing in the pool :)

Cousin Conor on his whale! haha

Jules and Sophia
Sophia, you bring your daddy and I so much joy!  We love you so much baby doll!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8 month photos!

We had pictures taken of Sophia on her 8 month birthday.  I love how they came out and wanted to post them for all to see.  OK OK I know I posted a lot but we took so many and it was hard to pick out the ones I liked the best. :)  A big thank you to Alecia for taking great pictures and being so patient with us!!! :)