Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkins at the Arboretum!

We decided to go take pictures at the Arboretum pumpkin patch again this year.  I love looking at the display they have, and walking around to enjoy everything.  This year we didn't really get to do that because Sophia still takes a morning nap, so after breakfast we had to pack up as quickly as possible, drive down to White Rock area which for us is 35 minutes and then park and unload, take pictures, and by that point it was time to head back.  I was willing to let her miss her morning nap, but we also had to feed her lunch pretty soon (the joys of staying on a baby's schedule!).  I'm just glad we got to do it at all and next year maybe we can spend more time.  We went last year when Sophia was just one month old, and she slept the entire time, see below:

Here are some of the pictures we got this year!  She was tired at first but then perked up and started having fun in the pumpkins :)
Me and my baby
Tiny girl in a sea of pumpkins
She is starting to have fun...that is one huge pumpkin!
Excited to be in the house of pumpkins!
"This is crazy, why am I sitting on pumpkins?!"
Apparently being held is not exciting :)
Family picture #1
My sweet girl
My sweet girl again
Family picture #2
So excited!  I love you sweet baby!  My how a year has changed you :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sophia and her stash of pumpkins

Sophia's nanny Sandra did a pumpkin craft with the kids and helped Sophia make a really cute pumpkin.  Sophia loves it!  Also the other day at the pumpkin patch we bought her several pumpkins since she liked the little ones so much.  I think she thinks they are balls.  Here are a few pictures of her with all of her pumpkins.



Pumpkin Patch!

This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch in Frisco with my sister, Warren, Conor and Juliana.  We got some great pictures of the kids together.  Hopefully we can make it a yearly tradition, I love pumpkin pictures!

yum, yum..

It is so much fun getting these two together :)

Such happy girls!

Conor thinks he is too old for pumpkin patch pictures, ha!

A few more birthday pictures

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sophia's First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Sophia's first birthday the Saturday before her actual birthday, September 15th.  We had a party at our house and all of our family and friends came over to help celebrate.  We had so much fun and Sophia looked precious in her birthday outfit.  I thought she might get overwhelmed with all of the people and start crying or want to cling to me the whole time, but she did not!  She had so much fun playing and watching everything that was going on, I was so happy!!
Having fun getting dressed with Nana and Grandma

This girl LOVED her outfit, the attention, everything! She was excited :)
Me and Jeramy before the chaos (I mean party) started :)
Here is the are where some of the kids played - we tried to give the toddlers activities to do.
The favor table!

The food and drinks!
Cupcakes!  For her first birthday I didn't really do a theme so I got off easy just making them colorful.
Daddy and his baby girl
We also had a face painter.  She was awesome and the kids loved getting their faces painted!  Check out Batman...
Conor and Connor playing outside.  These 2 are like long lost best friends, it is so cute.
Katalyna, Regan, Riley, Connor and Conor with painted faces.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of all the kids!!
It is cake time!  We got to use the personalized bib I ordered for about 15 minutes :)
Happy Birthday Sophia!!  She was such a trooper and did not even cry with the hat or all of the people singing and staring.
Digging in!
I have the daintiest cake eater ever :)
And she is getting sleepy....
Sophia loves her best friend Abby
Having fun in the new wagon she got from Grandma and Grandpa!
Having fun in the new car she got from Nana and Pops!
And one last photo of Sophia in her birthday outfit!! 
Overall, the party was a success and I think Sophia really enjoyed it.  I will always remember it and how cute she looked crawling around in her adorable outfit. :)  We had so much fun at Sophia's birthday party and thank all of our family and friends for coming and celebrating with us!!