Wednesday, April 29, 2015

January and February Catch up

Talk about being way behind in blogging!  I will eventually catch is a little recap of our January and February. 

Sophia is proud of her new puzzle!

We went to Play Street Museum and the girls had so much fun!  Here in the school bus.

Little veterinarians :)  There was so much to do and play with!
Cousins playing together!
Fun day at the park!
At the park with our friends!
Looking at ducks and turtles on our walk.
At our favorite park!
Fun at the zoo with our friends!
Picnic lunch at the zoo!
Sisters :)
Silly girls having a snack together.
We just  LOVE our dog!

We officially have 2 carousel riders!
Keeping themselves busy.
Sophia's first haircut!  A little unsure about what is going on.
She got 4 inches cut off and I thought it looked great!
Pretty girl!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
This was the first of the snow!  It got much heavier and thicker than this.
Having fun!
It's cold outside!

Sophia LOVED sledding down the hill.

Addison entertained herself in other ways :)
Snowing again!