Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Fun!

The first half of our summer has been fantastic!  While we are thrilled to become a family of 4, I am a little sad that our days of being a family of 3 are numbered.  So, we are trying to have as much family time as possible with Sophia...before she becomes a big sister! 

Sophia is 21 months, almost 22 months old (on July 19th).  This last month she started saying 2 and 3 word phrases, which was so exciting!  Before that she only said one word at a time.  She is repeating everything we say and her vocabulary is really starting to expand.  It is so fun for me to watch her learn and grow everyday.  She still loves playing outside, jumping, dancing, coloring, play-doh, blocks and puzzles, her baby doll!!, playing with Abby (she has started telling on Abby when Abby does something wrong!), and she is super social and loves saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone we see at the store and in restaurants.  Unfortunately, something else that she has gotten better at is throwing tantrums.  We are working through this and we know that we will be working through it for a while!  However, she is still our sweet baby girl, and is actually sweet and happy most of the time! 
First time eating cereal like a big girl
Posing in her swimsuit
With her friend Nick - pointing out bellies...
and ears :)
the waterfall at Shops at Legacy
Me and Jeramy at Lindsey and Jim's rehearsal dinner
Waiting for Jules and Conor to come over and play!
Sandbox with Jules!
Daddy is funny!
Sophia's first day at her new daycare or "scoo"
Out to dinner with the cousins
We got to have brunch with sweet baby Leighton!
Frozen yogurt, yum!

Happy Independence Day!!

We had a fun 4th of July this year.  I had a wonderful 3 1/2 day weekend and Jeramy had a 4 day weekend!  On the actual 4th we had Sandy, Warren and the cousins over to swim, play and eat.  As usual we had a great time!  I was so tired this year, but next year I really want to take Sophia to see some fireworks!!

Father's Day 2013

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and Sophia is so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy!  We are so thankful for him and for everything he does for us!  Happy Father's Day Jeramy!  We love you so much!!  When I asked Jeramy how he wanted to spend Father's day, I was not surprised in the least when he said he wanted to stay home and relax, swim in the pool, and grill steaks for dinner.  So that is what we did!  And Happy Father's Day to both of our wonderful dads!!
Daddy and Sophia!
I needed a picture too!
Pool time!
Yes, we are trying to teach her to swim.  Or at least get comfortable in the water :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's a Girl!!

Our wonderful sister-in-law Jamie and brother John were so kind and offered to give us a Gender Reveal Party for Baby #2!  We (or rather I) were pretty nervous about having to keep the gender a secret for so long since the party was scheduled for May 25th and we found out the gender at the end of March!  That is 2 months of keeping a huge secret from our friends and family.  If you ever need me to keep a secret, I think I have proven I can do it. :)  Aside from that, we were excited about the party and had so much fun celebrating Baby Leonard with our friends and family!  We are so thankful to John and especially Jamie for all of the hard work they did in giving us the reveal party!  Everything was perfect!
Lets get this party started!
The awesome setup!  Boy or Girl??
Such a pretty cake!
Cutting the cake!  We are so excited!
And...It's a GIRL!!
Sophia is going to have a LITTLE SISTER
Me and the lovely hostess
My pretty girl
Jeramy and John - discussing something important, obviously
Sue with her daughter-in-laws
Tiffany and Corrie!
Me and Sandy!
snacks and coloring :)
Me and Chrissy!
Kellie and Lindsey!
Auntie Chrissy with Sophia
Sitting outside until it started pouring...
And then the kids did this! 
Sophia is going to be a Big Sis!  And we are so thrilled that she will have a Little Sis!