Friday, August 30, 2013

Sprinkle for Addison!

Last weekend my sweet friends Emily, Laura and Lindsey planned a "Sprinkle" for Baby Addison!  Several of my good friends were able to come.  We enjoyed lunch at Gloria's restaurant and had a really good time talking about babies and catching up with each other.  I always really enjoy the time I get to spend with all of my friends, and with everyone being so busy with their own families, work, etc, it meant a lot to me that they were still all able to take time away to come celebrate our little blessing.  Addison got some super cute clothes, a diaper bag, bath gear, toys, some blankets, sheets, a book and more!  I cannot wait for her to be here and use all the goodies.  Here are a few pictures. :)

One of the hostesses, Emily was not able to make it due to her father-in-law being sick.  We missed you Emily, and your family was in my thoughts and prayers.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Visit to the Dallas World Aquarium

This past Friday all 3 of us had the day off and wanted to do something fun and indoors, so we decided to take a trip to the Dallas Aquarium.  Sophia was interested in all of the animals and we could tell that she was having a great time!  By the end of our little trip, she was definitely tired.  I'm glad we did this instead of the zoo, which was my original idea. :)  At 34 weeks pregnant, I'm trying my best to stay out of the 100 degree weather unless we are swimming!

Daddy is showing her the birds

The pretty rainforest area

Learning about animals :)

She loved the fish!

We got there just in time for the shark feeding...apparently this is a popular thing to see! 

Pretty flamingos

Taking a quick break for fruit snacks and water

Sophia posing for us with her lollipop.

Our only picture together!  My almost 2 year old is getting heavy!!

Our last stop was to see the penguins.
We had so much fun exploring the aquarium with Sophia.  We will be back sometime soon, next time with baby girl #2! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Part 2

Days 3 and 4 of our vacation were the same.  Everyone got used to the water and sand.  Sophia constantly ran to me needing me to wash the sand out of her mouth :) We all got to take naps if we wanted every afternoon, it was blissful.  The adults got to go out to dinner on our own one night while the grandparents watched the kids, which was great!  The last day it rained really hard around noon but then by late afternoon it cleared up and we were able to go to the beach anyway, and it was perfect weather.  We had so much fun and can't wait to take another vacation!!

silly girl
snack time!
The whole group!
The Grant's working hard on their sand castle/fort/ditch
The Leonard's :)
The Sano's and the Pons's
The Grant's

Our condo

Gulf Shores Family Vacation Part 1

In July we went on our first family vacation to the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama for 4 days and 4 nights.  We shared a condo with Sandy, Warren and the kids and my parents shared a condo with Warren's parents.  Jeramy and I decided to fly there, but everyone else drove!  This was Sophia's first vacation AND first flight!  I am happy to say that she did really well on the flights both there and back.  We packed lots of snacks, toys, and other misc. entertainment.  And she was so worn out from the trip that she actually slept on the way back :)

We had such a wonderful vacation!  Jeramy and I felt like we were actually able to relax, which we did not expect.  As soon as Sophia walked into the condo she started running around, so excited, as if she knew she was on vacation.  She loved being on the balcony looking at the beach and the ocean!  And she really loved spending time with her grandparents, cousins and aunt and uncle, as did Jeramy and I!  Not only that, but she slept great every night and took a good nap every day, which was another unexpected bonus :)  Sophia loved playing in the sand and running around in the baby pool.  By the second day she seemed to like the ocean water, but of course did not spend as much time in it because she had to be held.  I think all 3 kids' favorite part of going to the beach was eating snacks in the tent with Aunt Sandy!  I'm so glad we decided to go on a family vacation this summer and we hope to do it again sooner rather than later.

Here are pictures from the first 2 days:

Of course our flight was delayed on the way there...but luckily our gate was right next to the children's play area!

The restaurant on our first night had a huge sand pile to play in and Sophia loved it!  She is the smallest kid playing - not surprising!
Sliding down the sand pile and getting dirty!!
Having fun!
My sweetie ready to go to the beach!
Sophia preferred to be in the Grant's tent with all of the good snacks :)

Playing with sand

Nana and Sophia
A little unsure of the water...

Dinner on night #2 in matching dresses :)

This restaurant also had a sand playground!

Hula-hooping skills
Sophia wanted to try

We had a fun night!