Wednesday, September 12, 2012

11 Months!

Our precious girl turned 11 months on August 19th!  She is so much fun right now...always making us laugh and discovering new things every day!  I love this age so much :)  She is such a sweet baby and I still get comments that she is the happiest baby ever and never cries.  It is true a lot of the time, but she also has an attitude and if you make her mad she will let you know!

This month:
  • She is getting much better at walking behind the walker and along furniture.  Still not too interested in standing on her own.
  • Lots of Mama and Dada directed at us
  • 2 new teeth on bottom for a total of 8 teeth!
  • Can climb up the stairs
  • Has the title of "fastest crawler" in her class
  • Still on 5 bottles a day
  • Eating a lot of table food and still some baby food.  She seems to like most fruits, toast, carrots, green beans, avocado, yogurt, chicken, and LOVES peas.
  • Size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes
  • Taking 2 short naps a day and sleeping great at night - does not nap well at day care but does much better at home.  This makes me feel very guilty!
  • Loves her daddy!  She thinks he is hilarious and loves playing with him and loves when he walks in the door and says hi to her, she just smiles and cracks up is so cute! 

With her favorite cousin Jules!
Waving to daddy

Her favorite toys are the real remote and her toy remote :)

Love her!!
Peaches were her favorite food for about a week! 
Show us those teeth!  All 8 of them :)

I love my Baby Sophia so much!  I can't believe she's going to be 1 year in just a month and no longer a baby.  The time has gone by way too fast! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Jeramy had to go to Chicago for a one day work training, so we decided to make a trip out of it!  We were there for 4 days and had a wonderful time!  There is a lot to do there and we both really liked the city.  A big thank you to both of our parents for watching Sophia and Abby so that we could go on this trip, we really appreciate it!!  We missed her so much but were happy that she was in great hands. :)

This was the view of downtown from the Hancock building...amazing view!  We didn't eat at the restaurant, we only had a few expensive drinks.

Our hotel had a complimentary happy hour everyday that we took full advantage of!  4 baby free days and free alcohol, count us in!  I don't think we missed this once. :)

We went to the Navy Pier.  There is lots to do for both kids and adults...we didn't spend a lot of time here but it seemed like it could be fun.

We did an architectural riverboat tour through the Chicago River.  It was really awesome and one of the buildings we saw was the Sears Tower.  Can you see the windows at the top?  This is where people stand and look down.

Here are the windows with the zoom lense...see the people standing?

Magnificent Mile!!  Lots of shopping.

Here is one of the beaches on Lake Michigan...pretty nice to have a beach right in the middle of the city!  The waves were crazy though...
This was one of our favorite meals!  Delicious sushi...YUM!

And afterwards we went to see the Blue Man Group!  I didn't know this show originated in Chicago but that's probably why we were able to get tickets the day of...I tried to get tickets for this show ahead of time in Vegas and all that was left was $200 per ticket, these were $40 or $50!!
Inside the theater.

At Wrigley Field!!

Watching a Cubs game :)  We had so much fun at the game and this field was so we need to go to Boston!!

"Official Beer of the Chicago Cubs"
"The Bean" at Millenium Park.  So cool in person!
One of our many people were in awe of this is pretty cool!
Relaxing at Millenium Park, having a drink and enjoying beautiful weather!

And of course we tried some Chicago Deep Dish.  Our favorite was Lou Malnati' good, but so filling!

It was so nice to have a getaway and spend some time together in a new place!!  We sure did miss Sophia though.  I was ready to come back and see this face!!