Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Are Thankful!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  We made our first road trip with 2 kids and it went surprisingly well.  We got to spend time with both our parents and had a lot of fun.  This year we are thankful for our family and friends, but especially for our two beautiful girls!

Friday, December 6, 2013

2 Months!

Addison turned 2 months old on Monday.  She continues to be such a good baby and we love her so much!  She is getting better at sleeping at night and will normally go about 5 hours and over Thanksgiving went 8 hours!  It was wonderful!! Hopefully a sign of things to come. :)

We went to the doctor yesterday and Addison is doing great.  She had to get 2 shots and she got so mad and cried so much.  I felt terrible!  Addison is a such a chubby baby girl just like her mommy was. :)  Actually, we looked at some of my baby pictures and Addison and I are is really funny.  You would think we are the same baby in the pictures!

Here are her 2 month stats:
Height: 23 1/4 inches (75%)
Weight: 12 pounds 14 ounces 90%)
Head: 15" (30%)

Here is a little about Addison:
  • Eats 6-7 times per day
  • usually sleeps for about 10 hours total and gives me a about a 4 or 5 hour stretch and goes right back to sleep after eating. 
  • still loves being swaddled
  • usually only awake 1-1.5 hours max in the day and then needs a nap. 
  • size 3 month clothes and even some 6 month!
  • size 1 diapers
  • she has started cooing and smiling especially at mommy and daddy!
  • getting better at tracking with her eyes.
  • getting much better at tummy time.
  • Rarely cries, and when she does there is a reason - all day and all night, except for 8:30pm-10:30 or 11pm...she is pretty fussy at that time.  I'm pretty sure Sophia was that way too and the fussiness stopped sometime around 2 months.  Hoping Addison is the same!
I love this smile!
Sophia playing babies while Addison plays on her mat :)
I love this face!
Just relaxing.
My baby girl!
We love you Addison!  You are such a little blessing!!  You are growing up so fast already and I am loving these days with you.