Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fredericksburg Trip

Jeramy and I were able to get away for a few days to take a 2 night trip to Fredericksburg for my birthday.  We are so grateful to Jeramy's parents for watching Abby and to my parents for watching Addison and Sophia.  They are the best and we are lucky to be able to do things like this!  

We had a wonderful time!  We were able to sleep in!, went to several different wineries both days, had leisurely meals, walked around shopping a little (if you know Jeramy you would know that is not really fun to him) was so much fun to just hang out together for a few days.  Of course I got updates on my girls throughout the trip and was ready to see them!  I even missed Abby.  Jeramy thinks I'm crazy because it was only 2 days but I love my little family :)  I was not really good about taking pictures but here are a few.

Here is the front of Becker Vineyards
Jeramy and I doing some wine tasting!
I may have had a few glasses of wine at this point :)
My picture taking skills aren't great, but the views are really pretty!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 Months Old!

I blinked and Addison turned 3 months old!  She is the cutest, sweetest baby and we just love her to pieces!  She is such a happy, cuddly and I would have to say "easy" baby.  She eats, plays, sleeps and pretty much goes with the flow.  Here is what is going on with Addison this month.
  • She is a chubby girl weighing 14 pounds and 5 ounces!  :)  Can you tell by those cheeks?
  • She slept ALL night (11 hours) for 5 nights in a row and then stopped doing that.  She is waking up once now, normally around 4 or 5am to eat and then back down until 8:30ish.  I am still pretty happy with that!  Looking forward to the 12 hour nights though :)
  • She is now on a loose schedule.  Usually eats at about 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5:30, and 8:30pm and then once at night.  She goes down by 9pm and is waking up at about 8/8:30am for the day.
  • She is still only able to be up about and hour and a half before she needs a nap.
  • She has started taking one bottle every night before bedtime. 
  • She is smiling more and more now!  It is so sweet and she is normally very happy!  She loves to smile at mommy and daddy and has started noticing Sophia too.
  • Coos all the time and in response to us talking to her.
  • Still sleeping swaddled at night and some naps.
  • Notices her hands and stares at them.  Also puts her hands in her mouth all the time.
  • Started pulling on the toys on the toy mat.
  • Loves staring in mirrors!
  • Really enjoys bath time.
  • She rolled over twice on December 12th and never I guess it was on accident. :)
  • Size two diapers and size 6 month clothes.
  • Still has crazy hair! It will just not lay flat, it is so funny! But also so soft and pretty...

We could not imagine life without this precious baby girl!  We love you Addison Rose!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Picture with Santa!

I took Sophia and Addison to see Santa at the mall a few weeks before Christmas.  This is the first year Sophia could talk or realize who he was, so I knew it would be interesting.  I had to get a before picture while they were both happy because they looked so precious!  And I'm glad that I did...see below for our Santa picture!!  I know we will be glad we have it years later, but it was sooo sad!

Christmas Card 2013

I was so happy with how our Christmas card turned out!  We almost didn't do one at all because I felt so busy with a new baby and the holiday glad that we did! :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas with the Pons's!

Nana and Pops arrived in Frisco on the 23rd to continue the Christmas celebrations!  We love when Nana and Pops come to stay with us.  Sophia showed them all of her new toys and little did she know she was going to get so many more on Christmas day...we were once again very spoiled this year and are so thankful!  We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family, food, fun, presents, and more food.  Thank you to my sister and Warren for hosting Christmas dinner this year...the food was delicious and we had fun as usual!  I can't wait until Christmas-time next year when Addison is walking around - it is hard to imagine that I will have a 3 year old and a 1 year old!!
In matching jammies!

roller coaster fun!

Having fun on Christmas Eve!

We love Nana and Pops!

Christmas morning!  She came out and found a new shopping cart and easel!

Baby girl in her Christmas jammies :)

Daddy was opening toys all day!

A new baby doll!

Pretty girls in Christmas dresses!

Cousins!  Poor Jules was not too happy...

Nana with the 4 grand kids!

Daddy and Addison!

Christmas with the Leonard's!

We had a wonderful holiday season this year!  Watching Sophia enjoy all of the Christmas festivities this year was so much fun and I am already looking forward to next year when Addison will enjoy it all too.  We are so thankful to all of our family for the gifts, food and hospitality...we can't wait until next year!

To start the Christmas season off, Grandma and Grandpa Leonard came into town to spend a night with us.  We had a lot of fun with them and they gave us 2 big gifts...our double jogging stroller and Sophia's roller coaster!!  Mommy loves the stroller and Sophia has already had so much fun on her roller coaster! 

Please don't judge me on Sophia's hair...we were relaxing this morning :)

The next day we all packed up and went to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with Uncle John, Aunt Jamie and Connor, Regan and Riley.  Sophia always has a lot of fun with her cousins and loves to play with all of their toys...especially all of their baby dolls! :)  We had such a wonderful Christmas with everyone. 
I love this picture of Connor!
Aunt Jamie made a delicious meal for all of us...Here is the kids table!
Everyone wanted to sit next to Baby Addison :)
My baby girl :)

Our family of 4!
Abby got in the Christmas spirit...see her bow?
And a picture of all of the madness of opening presents...Sophia didn't get the concept of taking turns this year.  Maybe next year!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ice Day!

Early in December Dallas had its first winter weather of the year.  Not snow...but lots of ice!  We had several inches of thick ice in Frisco and most of us were stuck in the house for several days. Sophia and I went out to play a few times, she thought it was pretty fun!  There were actually kids ice skating and playing hockey in our streets!  We are hoping for one more snow day this winter :)

Loving the snow/ice!
Practicing walking!
Me and my girl :)
She wanted to go sledding down the hill like all the big kids.  This bucket is all we had but she still loved it!