Sunday, June 4, 2017

November and December 2015

Such a sweet baby!

I love how Sophia and Addison always hold hands. 

Sophia has started "dressing up" with every bracelet and necklace she can find!

Addison's Fall Party!

Sophia's Fall Party (Addison joined the group...see the owl backpack)

Sophia's Fall Party!

Dance Party at Lego Land!

I love this baby

First road trip as a family of 5!

First road trip as a family of 5!

This is how we go to the store.

Getting ready for Christmas!

Sophia did her own hair today!!

Baby smiles :)

Having fun!

Middle and little sisters!

Big and little sisters!

With Grandma.

Smiling baby.

My sweet Addison

She loves her gear.

We need 2 baskets at Costco, one for kids and one for food.


Christmas Party

Poor Addison.

Sophia's Christmas party

Fun crafting!

Baby laughs

Sophia's proud of her project!

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